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414 Strawberry Cove

This is another large house for an advanced Legacy, or for a large family. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bonus rooms, although one is quite small. It is built in a Mexican, or perhaps a Southwestern Style. It was built by request (strong suggestion?) from prescella_bean, who needed a large house built on a 3 x 3 lot. I’ve uploaded a few of these large houses recently, but she needed one on a smaller lot, so I did one. This one is 2-story, where the others were one story. She did not give me a budget, I shot for $70k, but missed by a bunch. :(

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, no EPs needed!! 3 x 3 lot $88,135 partially furnished
Not play tested!


Strawberry Cove Front View
^^Front View