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Camillia Manor

9 months ago a request came in for a mansion. Yeah, a long time I know. 6 days after the request came in, my husband sustained a serious injury. He was in ICU for many days, and in the hospital for months. When he got home, his care was the only thing that mattered. His injuries are permanent, and it changed our lives. Oh, no worries, we have adjusted, and we are fine now. When catastrophe happens, you tend to just keep moving forward and one day you realize that everything is really OK again, and life returns to an all-new normal!

So, I finally built the mansion. However, it was soooo very big, that after I built it, I was totally unable to play test it. It lagged so terribly that it was unplayable on my old machine. About 6 weeks ago, my old computer gasped it’s final breath and died. My new shiny quad core machine can play this house just fine. Consider yourself warned though, if you don’t have an awesome kick-butt machine, just pass on this house. It is a game-lagger, for sure!

Here is the request:

Cost does not matter for this house so go hog wild.

This is a house for a large, rich, high-class family. It’s a mother and father and their two kids (son and daughter) and the father’s sister who is a total black sheep (and is turning the son into one as well). And there will be more kids on the way. So I suppose it’s going to be more like a mansion than a house. >.>

So I’m thinking at least six bedrooms of decent size, and there needs to be an office/den for the father, a dance/music room for the mother, and an art room for the aunt. I would also like for the house to have a porch and balcony.

Color wise it needs to a pristine white/sterile metal.

I’ve never built for a specific family before, and it was a lot of fun! Camillia Manor is built on a 6×5 lot. It has 6 bedrooms and a nursery. There are 8 bathrooms. It has a game room, exercise room, hobby room pet room, music and dance room, library, and office. There is a great room downstairs that serves as a formal living room. There is another living room upstairs as well as an informal family room for the kids.

The parents have their own wing downstairs with their master bedroom and bathroom, Mom’s music and dance room, Dad’s office and the nursery. The sister also has her own “apartment” complete with craft room, sitting room (with small fridge and microwave), bedroom and bathroom. This section has it’s own, hidden entrance.

This house is fully furnished and landscaped (but still needs your CC to give it personality) with a pool, swing set, green house, hot tub, tanning deck and BBQ area. There are two carports that will hold a total of four cars. There is no extra room on the lot for anything.

You will need a servo (or butler if you have AL) and a maid. You need to just skip the gardener and get the “always perfect plants” hack, because there is no way the gardener will keep up. You should also be prepared to “teleport” your sims around the house, because walking takes too long! The house has been play tested and yes, I forgot lights, but have now put them in!

Let’s see the pictures!

Camillia Neighborhood View

Camillia Neighborhood View

^^This is how it looks in the neighborhood.

Warning! Big lot!  Game-Lagger!!

Requires All Eps Through Free Time (No stuff packs)
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
5 x 6  lot $521,041 fully furnished and landscaped
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?