Download free lots built by Simcere for The Sims 2 with no hacks and no custom content.

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Here is the church I spoke about in my previous post. (It is built by request.)  In the end, I decided to leave out a podium. If you download the church and want to add a pulpit/podium, please feel free to do so. Of course, feel free to change it in any way your sims need. Just don’t call it yours, and don’t upload it elsewhere.

The church is a community lot built on a 3 x 5 lot. It needs all EPs through Free Time, but no stuff packs. I kinda like how it turned out.  It has a sanctuary, a fellowship hall with a full kitchen, a Sunday school area, a daycare, an office for the preacher and a storage room big enough to hold a wedding arch and casket, which are already in the storage room for you.  There is also a fenced in play area in the back for kids to play in.

It looks like this:



Requires all EPs through Free Time.
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 5 lot  furnished
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested (just a little bit)

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