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5667 Lunabar

I built this house probably about a year ago.  I didn’t intend to post it, it was built for the 5th generation of my legacy family to move into, as their old lot had become buggy, as they sometimes do.  But, after last week’s request, I changed my mind thinking it might be useful for other legacy families.

I built this on my playing machine since I didn’t intend to post it, so you need all EPs through Seasons to play it.  I have lost my notes on this house, but it was packaged in May 07.  It has the Seasons stove and shower in it, so I had Seasons.  BV wasn’t out yet in May 07, right?  So, let’s say through Seasons, but if anybody finds out differently let me know and I’ll edit the comments.  It is unfurnished since my family brought a lot of their stuff with them, but there is a piece of furniture in each room to show what it was intended to be.  You make them whatever you want, of course.  The kitchen and bathrooms are complete.

This 1-story house has 5 bedrooms, (master has built in bath and nursery), 3 baths, family room, formal living room, bonus room, kitchen/dining room combo with room for the big table.  LOTS of room left on the lot for your graveyard, driveway, garden, pets, hobbies, of just to toss around a football.  The house is built near the front corner, so there is a big backyard and a good sized side yard.  Huge back deck and a big enough front porch.  It’s on a flat lot with no landscaping at all.  That’ll give your Sims a goal to work for!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
All eps thru Seasons needed!! 5 x 5 lot $75,223 unfurnished
This house was play tested, but I’ve lost my notes,
so if it needed changes, it probably still does.  I played a whole generation
in this house and don’t remember having any troubles.


lunabar front 5667 Lunabar
^^Front View


756 Eastway

An interesting request came in a few days ago. I love a good request, so there was no resisting! gotaluvsims2 requested a house for her current legacy to move into. Here is what she asked for, all of which she’s getting save for one thing.

  • for a legacy
  • 4 x 4 lot
  • 5 bedrooms
  • bonus room(s)
  • 1-story
  • furnished
  • flat on the ground (I missed this one when I was building, it’s on a foundation, oops)
  • spacious
  • yard space
  • no price limit. ( I love this one, :)

And that pretty much describes the house! Huge house! Big house here folks!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
All eps thru FT needed!! 4 x 4 lot $113,603 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!

snapshot 00000004 15068f41 756 Eastway
^^Did I mention that it’s BIG??

5 bedrooms – the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and nursery – 4 bathrooms, an office, a game room (both of which can be changed into anything your sims need, of course) large kitchen/DR combo…..


283 Water Street

283 Water Street is a fully furnished 3 bedroom house with rustic charm. Built on a 3×2 lot, this house features a master en suite with bath and nursery. The two rooms for the kids are big enough for twin beds if you have a big brood. There is a second bathroom, a spacious kitchen and dining room combo, a living room that easily seats 5, with a 6th playing piano. A hallway runs through the house making some spaces for hobbies and pets, or to just allow your sims enough room so they don’t trip over each other. Room on the lot to expand the house, add a driveway, garden or pond. You will find items to build 6 skills (no logic) and a flat lot with nearly no landscaping. You have kids, make ‘em do the yard!! :)

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, No EPs needed. $51,886 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!
waterstreet front 283 Water Street
^^Front View


902 Cherry Street

Here’s a new 2 bedroom Starter House for you!

902 Cherry Street is built on a 3×2 lot, is sparsely furnished, has items to build 6 skills (no logic) and goes for an affordable 19,641.00.

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base Game Only, No EPs needed. $19,641
Not Play Tested!
cherryst front 902 Cherry Street
^^It ain’t fancy, folks, but it’ll keep the rain off ya head!


548 Hill Street

Yeah, yeah, I said there wouldn’t be any houses for a while. However, I am still unable to sit up at my desktop, so no working on the website. I was playing Strangetown today, which I’ve never played before. I found that there are not many starter houses there, not many good houses at all. So, I came here to see what I had to download. Turns out, I only have one starter house that needs no EPs to use. That won’t do. So, I made another one, and will be making a few more soon.

This house was a bit of a challenge. It was way over budget at first, so I had to keep chipping away at it. I removed a hallway next to the living room that was there so that folks could add stairs later for a second story. The entryway had to be removed. I had to remove the dining room next to the kitchen, and make the kitchen and master bedroom smaller, then I had to remove a lot of the furniture, and outside lights.

Still though, it’s a good 2 bedroom starter with basic furnishings and all skilling items. It comes in at $19,567, so your sim needs to get a job fast. :) The spare room is unfurnished. There is no landscaping. It has not been play tested.

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
No EPs needed. $19,567
hillst front 548 Hill Street


Cedar Street

Another house for under 40k by request from juliekaye. The goal is to build … well, sort of starter houses, but for two UNI sims to share when they graduate.

This one is on a small lot. That allowed me to add more rooms. This one has three bedrooms, a nursery, and a bonus room. Currently, the bonus room has a work out machine, a couple easels, a desk with computer and a pinball machine, so a mish-mash of stuff. The whole house is sparsely funished, not very decorated, and not landscaped at all.

Of course, you are welcome to redecorate with your own custom content, and do as you wish with the rooms. This house has a definite red and white theme going on, not sure why. :)

It was play tested for a few days. Tessa the slave driver made me turn a desk around so she could use it, and put a light in the kitchen. That wench is just never happy! :)

No custom content, no hacks, no sims living in it.
No EPs needed to use this house. $37,328
cedarst front Cedar Street
^^Front (more…)

Dream Drive

Got a request from <a href=””>juliekaye</a> for some houses running less than 40K, so that two UNI students could share the cost of a house. So, I built two today.

In other news, my laptop came home today, with a new hard drive, and it’s working very well. That means that anybody can use the houses I build on this machine, because I only have the base game installed on here. That’s just so everybody can use my houses!

Dream Drive is a three bedroom house, furnished and sparsley decorated for $36,715, built on a medium lot. It has skilling items for all 7 skills, even though said that was not necessary. There is no landscaping at all. There is room on the lot to add on to the house at a later time if needed. The house was play tested for a few days by Tessa Tester, my house tester sim! For once, I didn’t have to make any changes, yay!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims living inside.
No EPs needed, furnished, $36,715
dream front Dream Drive



Another new house! How exciting! This is a brick front beauty, with a really gorgeous raised bath in the master bathroom. It’s a two bedroom house with an office that can be changed to a third bedroom if desired. It has a dog house out back, a pet bed in the hallway, a good sized garden and three fruit trees. Also, a nice looking pool, and the kitchen is awesome. This house came from a floor plan, so I can’t take credit for the layout, but the house came out lovely, if I do say so myself. It has been play tested, and appropriate changes were made.

For this house, you can download the lavishly furnished and landscaped house you see in the pics, or you can download an exact double that is not furnished or landscaped. In the unfurnished house, the kitchen and bath are outfitted, but not decorated, and each room has a cheap piece of furniture tossed in to show what the room was intended to be. However, you use them for whatever you wish!

No custom content, no hacks, and no sims inside.
UNI, NL, OFB, PETs, SEA and BV needed.
$161,608 furnished and landscaped.
$53,375 unfurnished, but more affordable.
majesty front Majesty