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Urban Legend

This is the first house built for the Anaraste Series. I was aiming for a moderate family home running about 50 to 60k, for the new town Mayor to live in. As far as that goal goes, I failed. Miserably!

First off, it came out way over budget. Way, way. $122,848 and only moderately furnished and landscaped. Oops. Just the empty shell was 50k! I followed a tutorial to learn how to attach the garage to the house. That part went ok, but the roof managed to escape me yet again. I ended up clicking the auto-roof button yet again. I really need to hunt up some roof tutorials. But, not today.

By the time the empty shell was up, and I figured I was over budget, it was very late on a work night, I saved and shut down. I almost bull-dozed the lot, but something wouldn’t let me do that.

The next day at work, the house kept calling me … a siren’s call not to give up on it. Sure, it would be several generations before anyone in my new ‘hood could afford to live in it, but maybe one of your sims could!

I got home, did the Mom and Wife stuff, and built a more suitable house. Still couldn’t let this one go, so I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Sleep is over-rated anyway!

It’s huge folks. The living room is about the size of Delaware, there are 3 big bedrooms, a huge gameroom, a craft room and a “screened in” exercise room. (Not really screened in because there is no custom content.)

It looks like this:

urbanlegend front Urban Legend

Requires all EPs through Free Time!!
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 4 lot $122,848 moderatly furnished
Install with Clean Installer
Not play tested!


Country Charm

Country Charm is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath Country style house with a wraparound front porch.  It’s built with the base game only, no eps needed on a 3×3 lot and goes for $73,205 fully furnished.

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, No EPs needed. $73,205 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!


Country Charm Front

^^Front view

Downstairs – master bedroom with private bath, a second bathroom, kitchen, dining room and a spacious living room.

Upstairs- …


283 Water Street

283 Water Street is a fully furnished 3 bedroom house with rustic charm. Built on a 3×2 lot, this house features a master en suite with bath and nursery. The two rooms for the kids are big enough for twin beds if you have a big brood. There is a second bathroom, a spacious kitchen and dining room combo, a living room that easily seats 5, with a 6th playing piano. A hallway runs through the house making some spaces for hobbies and pets, or to just allow your sims enough room so they don’t trip over each other. Room on the lot to expand the house, add a driveway, garden or pond. You will find items to build 6 skills (no logic) and a flat lot with nearly no landscaping. You have kids, make ‘em do the yard!! :)

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, No EPs needed. $51,886 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!
waterstreet front 283 Water Street
^^Front View


Cedar Street

Another house for under 40k by request from juliekaye. The goal is to build … well, sort of starter houses, but for two UNI sims to share when they graduate.

This one is on a small lot. That allowed me to add more rooms. This one has three bedrooms, a nursery, and a bonus room. Currently, the bonus room has a work out machine, a couple easels, a desk with computer and a pinball machine, so a mish-mash of stuff. The whole house is sparsely funished, not very decorated, and not landscaped at all.

Of course, you are welcome to redecorate with your own custom content, and do as you wish with the rooms. This house has a definite red and white theme going on, not sure why. :)

It was play tested for a few days. Tessa the slave driver made me turn a desk around so she could use it, and put a light in the kitchen. That wench is just never happy! :)

No custom content, no hacks, no sims living in it.
No EPs needed to use this house. $37,328
cedarst front Cedar Street
^^Front (more…)

Dream Drive

Got a request from <a href=””>juliekaye</a> for some houses running less than 40K, so that two UNI students could share the cost of a house. So, I built two today.

In other news, my laptop came home today, with a new hard drive, and it’s working very well. That means that anybody can use the houses I build on this machine, because I only have the base game installed on here. That’s just so everybody can use my houses!

Dream Drive is a three bedroom house, furnished and sparsley decorated for $36,715, built on a medium lot. It has skilling items for all 7 skills, even though said that was not necessary. There is no landscaping at all. There is room on the lot to add on to the house at a later time if needed. The house was play tested for a few days by Tessa Tester, my house tester sim! For once, I didn’t have to make any changes, yay!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims living inside.
No EPs needed, furnished, $36,715
dream front Dream Drive


Little Lux

Found this house … forgotten … on the laptop already built. I was going for a three bedroom house … or two bedrooms and a bonus room … for around the 50 thousand dollar mark. It had to have room to add on to the house, or to add a pool or garden or what have you.

This house is unfurnished. I did put one piece of furniture in each room to show what the room was intended to be. However, feel free to use them for whatever you wish. There is a room with a bed and a work out machine … that room can be a bedroom or other bonus room. The kitchen and the bathrooms are complete.

This house HAS NOT been play tested. Well, I’ve forgotten about this house, so if it was play tested, I don’t remember that either.

As always, no custom content, no hacks and no sims inside.
Base game and NL needed for this house.
I forgot to write down the price, but it was about $50,400 or so.
littlelux front Little Lux
^^Front view


DeMorne Mansion

Had surgery on my foot yesterday. It went well. However I am confined to the couch or bed for the next couple weeks. So, what to do? Build sim houses, of course.

16 year old daughter, Daisy, requested this house. She wanted a two story house, huge, lots of windows, 3 bedrooms, a place for a very rich sim to raise his daughter. It is for a story she’s working on. Below is what I came up with. I don’t know how useful this house will be for your average sim, as it’s nearly 250,000 simoleans to move in. Steep price, that, lots of motherlodes! :)

You only need the base game and Nightlife to use this house.
demorne front DeMorne Mansion
^^Front view of the house.


01 Melody

My 11 year old daughter requested this house. She picked the floor plan out herself from a book of them I have here, and requested certain alterations. She likes big rooms with lots of space, so of course I fixed her right up. She wants to decorate it with her own custom content, so I left the house mostly unfurnished. Kitchens and baths are complete, and there is a spattering of furniture about to show what the rooms were intended to be. However, feel free to decorate in any way you choose, change the floorplan, add on, what ever tickles your fancy.

01 Melody is a 3 bedroom, 4 bath house with 2 stories. Downstairs is the master suite, nursery, kitchen, dining room, living room and indoor pool. Upstairs there are 2 kids bedrooms, each with it’s own bath, and an area that can be game room, music room skilling room, sitting room, library, OR whatever you want it to be. Minimal landscaping outside so you can do what you wish out there.

As always, no custom content, no hacks and no sims inside.
NO EPs needed to use this house! $82,158
01melody front 01 Melody
^^Front View