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Urban Legend

This is the first house built for the Anaraste Series. I was aiming for a moderate family home running about 50 to 60k, for the new town Mayor to live in. As far as that goal goes, I failed. Miserably!

First off, it came out way over budget. Way, way. $122,848 and only moderately furnished and landscaped. Oops. Just the empty shell was 50k! I followed a tutorial to learn how to attach the garage to the house. That part went ok, but the roof managed to escape me yet again. I ended up clicking the auto-roof button yet again. I really need to hunt up some roof tutorials. But, not today.

By the time the empty shell was up, and I figured I was over budget, it was very late on a work night, I saved and shut down. I almost bull-dozed the lot, but something wouldn’t let me do that.

The next day at work, the house kept calling me … a siren’s call not to give up on it. Sure, it would be several generations before anyone in my new ‘hood could afford to live in it, but maybe one of your sims could!

I got home, did the Mom and Wife stuff, and built a more suitable house. Still couldn’t let this one go, so I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Sleep is over-rated anyway!

It’s huge folks. The living room is about the size of Delaware, there are 3 big bedrooms, a huge gameroom, a craft room and a “screened in” exercise room. (Not really screened in because there is no custom content.)

It looks like this:

urbanlegend front Urban Legend

Requires all EPs through Free Time!!
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 4 lot $122,848 moderatly furnished
Install with Clean Installer
Not play tested!


1274 Willow Plaza

I did say there would be a house soon, didn’t I? :)

1274 Willow Plaza is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath luxury house. It has a bonus room that is currently set up as a game room, but you can change it to another bedroom, office, music room, whatever-tickles-your-fancy room. It has a kitchen/dining room combo, a large entry way, and a spacious living room downstairs. The entire second floor is a master suite with access to a private balcony that has a hot tub and small seating area. Aside from the upstairs balcony, it has large front and back decks on the first floor. The front of the house is moderately landscaped, the rest of the landscaping is up to your Sims.

I really didn’t plan to furnish this house, but somehow I got carried away … it is fully furnished.

This house has been play tested by my tester Sim for two seasons. One thing that bugs me is when my Sim cooks, she carries her plate all the way outside to a table on the deck rather than eat in the dining room. I don’t know why that is. If it bothers you too, just delete or maybe move that table.

UNI, NL, OFB, PETS, Seasons … $125,168
willow front 1274 Willow Plaza
^^Front View


3348 Dogson Ave

As with my previous houses, you need UNI, NL, and OFB to use this lot. It is built with no hacks and no custom content, no sims living in the house, play tested but only for a couple sim-days.

3348 Dogson Ave is a large house built on a 30×40 lot. Big enough for 6 (or more) sims, but hopefully not so big it will make your game lag. It features 3 bedrooms, including a master suite with built-in nursery, 4 baths, kitchen, dining room, study, living room, work out/game room, music room and carport, but no car. It is fully and richly furnished and landscaped, and you will find items to build all 7 skills inside. The house sells for $122,715. If that is too rich for your sims, you can place the lot in your neighborhood, then remove all but the essential furnishings. Replace the furniture over time as your sims make more money. I do not know how much the house will sell for without all the fancy furniture, but it will be much less.

dogson front 3348 Dogson Ave
^^View from the front


17183 Rail Way

Blue. A very blue house. Blue and white to be precise. Of course, you are more than welcome to change the colors and decorations in your own neighborhood! It has no custom content, no hacks, and no sims. It is a bit pricey at 122,423 simoleans, but it is roomy and has three bedrooms. The master bedroom has it’s own bath, and the other two bedrooms could fit 2 twin beds easily, so 6 sims could fit comfortably. The house is fully furnished and decorated, and has items to build all 7 skills. It also has a driveway with a car.

You need NL, UNI and OFB to use this house. I wish I could build houses for just the base game, but there is no way to do that unless I uninstall my EPs, which isn’t going to happen.

This house has been extensively play tested with a family of 5. I did have to go in and do major re-working because it was too small at first. My sims kept getting stuck in the second story hallway in the mornings if everyone needed to leave at the same time, and they would also get stuck in the dining room behind the table. So, I made it all just a tad bigger, and now my sims love their house!

Let’s take a peek at this beauty, shall we?
front 17183 Rail Way
We are having an open house today!


123 Newel Drive

Are you ready for another house yet? ;)

This is a clone of a house that my favorite sim raised 6 children in. The original house was built in my regular account complete with custom content and hacks. It has had extensive play testing. I stripped out all the CC and the hacks and moved it to my cc and hack free account to re-do it. In the house I played, there was another room upstairs, and a basement. I never liked the basement as it was always hard to see into. I never had to use all the bedrooms, even with 6 kids so I didn’t rebuild the basement. I took out one room upstairs and moved the game room up there. It flows a lot better now.

No custom content, no hacks and no sims. 5 bedrooms, a nursery, 5 bathrooms, fully furnished. Lots of room for a large and growing family. Pool, hot tub, work out equipment and bbq area out back. Everything you need to build all 7 skills. Garage, but no car included. Nice landscaping, bordering on heavy, but not quite. ;) 126,281 simoleons, a steal of a deal! NL, UNI and OFB needed.
I encourage you to redecorate with your own tastes and custom content. Tear down walls, redo, make it yours!

My sims love this house, will yours?

newel front 123 Newel Drive
^The front


17604 Lakeside no hacks

Built a house today. No hacks, no custom content. 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, (master bedroom downstairs, 2 bedrooms upstairs), kitchen, great room, a nook off the kitchen with a pool table, items to build all 7 skills, swimming pool outside, driveway, medium lot landscaped with LOTS of flowers, sells for 121,514 simoleons. You need NL, UNI and OFB. This house has been lightly play-tested.


lakeside front 17604 Lakeside no hacks