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414 Strawberry Cove

This is another large house for an advanced Legacy, or for a large family. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bonus rooms, although one is quite small. It is built in a Mexican, or perhaps a Southwestern Style. It was built by request (strong suggestion?) from prescella_bean, who needed a large house built on a 3 x 3 lot. I’ve uploaded a few of these large houses recently, but she needed one on a smaller lot, so I did one. This one is 2-story, where the others were one story. She did not give me a budget, I shot for $70k, but missed by a bunch. :(

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, no EPs needed!! 3 x 3 lot $88,135 partially furnished
Not play tested!


Strawberry Cove Front View
^^Front View


150 Blueberry Street

When I uploaded Eastway Drive and Lunabar, a couple folks chimed in asking for large, one story legacy houses without certain EPs.  So, I decided to build one for base-game only.  No EP conflict that way!  :)

Blueberry Street was built on a 4×4 lot, 5 bedrooms, (master has a built in nursery and bathroom), 5 bathrooms, 2 bonus rooms, kitchen, dining room and large living room.  It has front and back decks and room on the lot for gardens, fruit trees, some hobbies and maybe a small pond.

You may notice some difference in picture quality this time.  Usually the pictures are taken and worked up on my desktop computer.  However, my daughter’s computer has gone to the shop for much needed upgrades so I’m sharing the desktop with her.  I don’t think she’ll get off it any time in the near future.  Rather than make you wait until 2027 for your houses, I took and worked up these pics on my new laptop.  The graphics card is not as good, but we can deal with it, right?  The good news is, daughter play tested this house with her 10 sims family, and gave it her seal of approval!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, no EPs needed!! 4 x 4 lot $71,310 basically furnished
Play Tested!


Blueberry Front View
^^Front View

It is sparsely furnished, not decorated to keep the move in price down and is begging out for your favorite custom content, so please redecorate it as soon as your sims can afford it!


5667 Lunabar

I built this house probably about a year ago.  I didn’t intend to post it, it was built for the 5th generation of my legacy family to move into, as their old lot had become buggy, as they sometimes do.  But, after last week’s request, I changed my mind thinking it might be useful for other legacy families.

I built this on my playing machine since I didn’t intend to post it, so you need all EPs through Seasons to play it.  I have lost my notes on this house, but it was packaged in May 07.  It has the Seasons stove and shower in it, so I had Seasons.  BV wasn’t out yet in May 07, right?  So, let’s say through Seasons, but if anybody finds out differently let me know and I’ll edit the comments.  It is unfurnished since my family brought a lot of their stuff with them, but there is a piece of furniture in each room to show what it was intended to be.  You make them whatever you want, of course.  The kitchen and bathrooms are complete.

This 1-story house has 5 bedrooms, (master has built in bath and nursery), 3 baths, family room, formal living room, bonus room, kitchen/dining room combo with room for the big table.  LOTS of room left on the lot for your graveyard, driveway, garden, pets, hobbies, of just to toss around a football.  The house is built near the front corner, so there is a big backyard and a good sized side yard.  Huge back deck and a big enough front porch.  It’s on a flat lot with no landscaping at all.  That’ll give your Sims a goal to work for!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
All eps thru Seasons needed!! 5 x 5 lot $75,223 unfurnished
This house was play tested, but I’ve lost my notes,
so if it needed changes, it probably still does.  I played a whole generation
in this house and don’t remember having any troubles.


lunabar front 5667 Lunabar
^^Front View


756 Eastway

An interesting request came in a few days ago. I love a good request, so there was no resisting! gotaluvsims2 requested a house for her current legacy to move into. Here is what she asked for, all of which she’s getting save for one thing.

  • for a legacy
  • 4 x 4 lot
  • 5 bedrooms
  • bonus room(s)
  • 1-story
  • furnished
  • flat on the ground (I missed this one when I was building, it’s on a foundation, oops)
  • spacious
  • yard space
  • no price limit. ( I love this one, :)

And that pretty much describes the house! Huge house! Big house here folks!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
All eps thru FT needed!! 4 x 4 lot $113,603 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!

snapshot 00000004 15068f41 756 Eastway
^^Did I mention that it’s BIG??

5 bedrooms – the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and nursery – 4 bathrooms, an office, a game room (both of which can be changed into anything your sims need, of course) large kitchen/DR combo…..


123 Newel Drive

Are you ready for another house yet? ;)

This is a clone of a house that my favorite sim raised 6 children in. The original house was built in my regular account complete with custom content and hacks. It has had extensive play testing. I stripped out all the CC and the hacks and moved it to my cc and hack free account to re-do it. In the house I played, there was another room upstairs, and a basement. I never liked the basement as it was always hard to see into. I never had to use all the bedrooms, even with 6 kids so I didn’t rebuild the basement. I took out one room upstairs and moved the game room up there. It flows a lot better now.

No custom content, no hacks and no sims. 5 bedrooms, a nursery, 5 bathrooms, fully furnished. Lots of room for a large and growing family. Pool, hot tub, work out equipment and bbq area out back. Everything you need to build all 7 skills. Garage, but no car included. Nice landscaping, bordering on heavy, but not quite. ;) 126,281 simoleons, a steal of a deal! NL, UNI and OFB needed.
I encourage you to redecorate with your own tastes and custom content. Tear down walls, redo, make it yours!

My sims love this house, will yours?

newel front 123 Newel Drive
^The front