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486 Mouse Ln – by request – anonymeese

<a href=””>anonymeese</a> requested a house for her well-established legacy family. Well-established meaning there was no budgetary concerns to get in the way, lol. She asked for a 4 bedroom house … 2 kids, a master bedroom for the parents, and a master bedroom for the grandparents. She wanted a nursery on the ground floor, and room outside for toys and a graveyard. Furnished or unfurnished as I wished.

You need UNI, NL, OFB and Pets to use this house. There is no custom content and no hacks. This house HAS NOT been play tested! I did put a sim in the house when I was building to run her up the stairs to make sure they work. They did, so I moved her back out.

Anyway, here is what I came up with …

mouseln front 486 Mouse Ln   by request   anonymeese
^^Front view