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On the “Downtown Series”

When play testing the downtown series, (which was done by 4 people) we had trouble with the Sims preferring to use the back doors over the front doors in some of the houses.  I noticed that I would have trouble with a specific lot, but when somebody else play tested that particular lot, they would not have the same problem.  I do not know what causes this confusion.  There is a theory that the Sims prefer the most expensive door, but that does not explain why one play tester would have the problem, yet the next one would not.

As a test, I moved one of the lots I was having this problem with to another location in my test ‘hood, and the silly Sims then used the front door as normal.  Go figure.  I have no clue what causes this problem.

However, in browsing through the Sims community in LJ, I ran across a possible solution.  If you use hacks, you might want to try Maty’s front door hack.  I have not yet tried it myself, but I do trust Maty’s hacks and will put it in my game soon.  Here is the link, they are in alpha-order so scroll down til you find it:
Front Door Hack.  (This is for the Apartment Life version of the hack.  For other versions, skim through here to find what you need.  Thanks to pne for pointing this out!)

If you don’t trust or use hacks and the sims using the back door is driving you crazy, try moving the lot to a different location in your ‘hood.  Even just a square over might make a difference.

Good luck, and please let me know how it works for you, whichever method you use to fix this annoying problem.

There are several more houses in the downtown series coming soon, so watch this space!

Church request

A request for a community lot Church came in a few days ago. I about have it finished. Aside from the main sanctuary, there is a large fellowship hall with a working kitchen, a Sunday school room, a nursery, the preacher has a nice office with a private bathroom, and there is a fenced in back yard for kids to play in.

What I’m having trouble with is what to use for a pulpit … a podium. Ideas? (No custom content of course, and I don’t have AL installed yet All other EPs, no stuff packs.) There is that one career reward, but I don’t know how to get it into the church. I’m building it now as a residential lot, but I”ll change it to a community lot when I’m done. I did it that way so I could get a wedding arch and a casket in there. (They are in the storage room beside the kitchen until needed. Church = weddings and funerals, I figured.)

What else might a church for sims need?

Thanks for your input!

An idea

Do you use Simcere’s houses in your published stories?

I read and loved a wonderful story today by somebody who just found me yesterday.  She is planning to use one of my houses in her story in the future.  This got me thinking about making a page on this site of links to stories that use my houses. Maybe you could link back to me too.

You get: More exposure for your stories, and to read other stories that are too good to pass up!

I get: More exposure to my site and houses if you link back.  (Linking back will never be required, but always appreciated.)

What do you think? If you are interested, please give me a link in the comments so I can read your stories, and add to the soon to be built “links” page.

I’m just finishing up a small series of 6 new houses built on small, 2 x 2 lots. These were meant for me to use in my downtown ‘hood, because the Maxis downtown houses are … er … lacking.  However, YOU can use them anyplace you wish.  The last one is still in building stage, the others are being play tested.  I’m hoping to have them posted in a week or two.

There should also be some more houses built already for the Anaraste series.  I say ’should be’ because they seem to be missing.  My desktop computer’s motherboard died, but don’t worry, I got a new one.  (Well, it’s a used computer, but new to me!)  Only part of the hard drive back up “took” for some reason, so there are things missing.  I thought the Anaraste series houses were on the laptop, but … no.  So, if I can find them, I will work on getting them play tested and posted too.  Hopefully, all the houses that are built as of now will be posted by the end of January.  If I find them or not, I will be building more for this series, so keep an eye out.

Play testing seems to hang me up the most.  Sometimes I post without play testing, but often that’s not a good idea.

Christmas was nice here.  How is your holiday going?

Need to know

Hey there, can y’all let me know what EPs you have, please? In particular, I need to know how many are running base game only, but I’d like to know what everybody has.

I’m not just nosy. Ok, well, I am, but I’m also feeling limited building on the laptop with base game only and am thinking about installing an EP or two, but not if it’s going to cause problems for lots of folks. I can get over it if folks are running base game only.

So, I’m kinda wondering what the least common denominator is here.


Long rambling questions – fo post

As mentioned in the comments to a previous post, I have been working on another starter house. The first one got rave reviews, and I really began to understand that I was not the only one having trouble downloading starter houses with furniture for under 20k. This new project is a loft, for only one person to live in. The goal was to make a house for a romance or popularity sim to live out their entire lives in, should they choose to do so. It was to be set up for LOTS of entertaining … with basic stuff first, and room for users to expand as their income grows.

I built it.