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Trimfoot Ave.

Avana Trimfoot Ave.


123 Trimfoot Ave was built on a 4×3 lot.  It is part of the Anaraste Series, although it ended up being too big and over budget for my neighborhood right now.   Don’t worry, Anaraste will grow into it!  It sure is pretty and roomy, so I’ll hang on to it until somebody gets rich enough to afford it.

Trimfoot was built with the base game and Nightlife only, but it was built with OFB in mind.  The lower level features a garage and a large, open area where your sims can run a home business.  Not into home businesses?  No worries!  The lower level can work for hobbies or career reward storage.  You can divide it up for more rooms, or you can build an indoor pool.  Your imagination is the only limitation of what to do with that lower level.  It has an entrance, and it has a hallway with a door that leads upstairs to the living area.  You can delete these, or lock these as needed.

There already is an enclosed garage, and there is room on the lot for a garden, pond, or hobby items.  At $101,885, it is definitely a house for your upper-middle class family.

This house was play tested by Avana Montiga, one of  Phoenix’s sims.  You really should go read her Ravensworth Legacy, it’s very entertaining!  Avana found a few things wrong with the house.  For example, it had a diagonal door into the study; for some reason, sims would go through the wall beside the door rather than through the door itself.  I changed the wall so it is no longer diagonal.  There were a few other things that were repaired.  Avana says “The front stairs can be annoying.  Only one person could go up or down them at a time.  The other Sim would wait until the first sim was ALL the way up before they started up.”  I tried to fix this by adding a door on the lower level, but I foresee other problems occuring with that.  One being that your Sim will have to go all the way down there to answer the door.  So, you may wish to explore other options there.  The house was not play tested again after I made these repairs.

Avana also said “Other than those few things I loved the flow of the house.  I did use the bottom area to house all my career rewards. The rooms were spacious and there wasn’t a lot of crowding in certain areas except for the spot I mentioned. I really enjoyed playing in the house! It would be the kind of house that I would want in real life!”  The crowding she mentions is in the kitchen bathroom, seems all the sims want to use THAT one, nevermind that there are 2 others!

So, take a look, see what you think!

Front View

Front View

Requires Night Life only.
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 4 lot $101,885 moderately furnished and landscaped
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested!

Those of you with Eagle eyes can see some of the new and upcoming “Downtown Series” in the background!