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Family Park – Community Lot

Avana Montiga

Avana Montiga

This is the first community lot posted here, so do a little happy dance.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You done?

Good!  This is a Family Park built for my custom hood Anaraste.  but I decided to share with you, cuz that’s just how I am.  :wink:

This lot was play tested first by Avana Montiga, but due to silliness on my part, it had custom content in it.  And, chairs that didn’t work at the tables.  So, I used clean installer to strip all the custom content, removed the nonfunctional chairs, then rebuilt the lot as needed.  I then play tested it in Anaraste for a whole day.  I choose Reva and Gayvin Raynor to do the testing.  I don’t have pics of them handy, but you’ll see them in some of the lot pics.

This lot needs all EPs through Free Time, but no stuff packs.  I don’t recall what size lot it is, one of the small or  medium ones, I think.  I’ll find it out and update this post later.

Here is a top view of the park.  Detailed views after the jump.

Family Park

Family Park

Let me show you what your Sims can do here, if you add this community lot to your ‘hood.