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486 Mouse Ln – by request – anonymeese

<a href=””>anonymeese</a> requested a house for her well-established legacy family. Well-established meaning there was no budgetary concerns to get in the way, lol. She asked for a 4 bedroom house … 2 kids, a master bedroom for the parents, and a master bedroom for the grandparents. She wanted a nursery on the ground floor, and room outside for toys and a graveyard. Furnished or unfurnished as I wished.

You need UNI, NL, OFB and Pets to use this house. There is no custom content and no hacks. This house HAS NOT been play tested! I did put a sim in the house when I was building to run her up the stairs to make sure they work. They did, so I moved her back out.

Anyway, here is what I came up with …

mouseln front 486 Mouse Ln   by request   anonymeese
^^Front view


100 Leftover Lane

As with my previous houses, you need UNI, NL, and OFB to use this lot. It is built with no hacks and no custom content, no sims living in the house, this house has been play tested, but only for a few sim days, it has NOT been gardener tested.

I built this to house the surplus offspring from my favorite sim. Her LTW was to marry off 6 kids, which she did. I only planned to actually play 2 of her kids, so that gave me 4 “leftovers: and their spouses. I couldn’t just put them in the sim bin however, because I needed to be able to invite them over, and the other sins in the ‘hood needed to keep their relationship scores up with them.

So, I built a large luxury house for the leftovers to live in, even though they aren’t played. Sure, I could have just stuck ‘em on an empty lot with a phone, but who knows what they get up to when we don’t play them? LOL. I wanted them to be comfortable.

This house features 4 master suites with bathrooms and sitting areas. There is a large kitchen and dining room downstairs as well as a comfortably furnished living room and a work out room. Upstairs is a combo music and game room.

Outside there are large porches, a BBQ area, pool and hot tub, and a garage with a van. Not much room for expansion, but it can be done. It is extensively landscaped. I play tested this game in another account with the “always great gardens” hack, or whatever it’s called, so I do not know if the gardener will get along with the landscaping.

The house is expensive at $243,870 – use motherlode or wait to move your sims into it on the third or fourth generation when they’ve had a chance to build up a solid bank account.

leftover front 100 Leftover Lane
^^House from the front