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414 Strawberry Cove

This is another large house for an advanced Legacy, or for a large family. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 bonus rooms, although one is quite small. It is built in a Mexican, or perhaps a Southwestern Style. It was built by request (strong suggestion?) from prescella_bean, who needed a large house built on a 3 x 3 lot. I’ve uploaded a few of these large houses recently, but she needed one on a smaller lot, so I did one. This one is 2-story, where the others were one story. She did not give me a budget, I shot for $70k, but missed by a bunch. :(

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
Base game only, no EPs needed!! 3 x 3 lot $88,135 partially furnished
Not play tested!


Strawberry Cove Front View
^^Front View


756 Eastway

An interesting request came in a few days ago. I love a good request, so there was no resisting! gotaluvsims2 requested a house for her current legacy to move into. Here is what she asked for, all of which she’s getting save for one thing.

  • for a legacy
  • 4 x 4 lot
  • 5 bedrooms
  • bonus room(s)
  • 1-story
  • furnished
  • flat on the ground (I missed this one when I was building, it’s on a foundation, oops)
  • spacious
  • yard space
  • no price limit. ( I love this one, :)

And that pretty much describes the house! Huge house! Big house here folks!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
All eps thru FT needed!! 4 x 4 lot $113,603 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!

snapshot 00000004 15068f41 756 Eastway
^^Did I mention that it’s BIG??

5 bedrooms – the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and nursery – 4 bathrooms, an office, a game room (both of which can be changed into anything your sims need, of course) large kitchen/DR combo…..


123 Newel Drive

Are you ready for another house yet? ;)

This is a clone of a house that my favorite sim raised 6 children in. The original house was built in my regular account complete with custom content and hacks. It has had extensive play testing. I stripped out all the CC and the hacks and moved it to my cc and hack free account to re-do it. In the house I played, there was another room upstairs, and a basement. I never liked the basement as it was always hard to see into. I never had to use all the bedrooms, even with 6 kids so I didn’t rebuild the basement. I took out one room upstairs and moved the game room up there. It flows a lot better now.

No custom content, no hacks and no sims. 5 bedrooms, a nursery, 5 bathrooms, fully furnished. Lots of room for a large and growing family. Pool, hot tub, work out equipment and bbq area out back. Everything you need to build all 7 skills. Garage, but no car included. Nice landscaping, bordering on heavy, but not quite. ;) 126,281 simoleons, a steal of a deal! NL, UNI and OFB needed.
I encourage you to redecorate with your own tastes and custom content. Tear down walls, redo, make it yours!

My sims love this house, will yours?

newel front 123 Newel Drive
^The front