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Piedmont Cottage

This house came from a book of house plans I bought. It seems to big to be called a “cottage” to me, but what do I know? :) Oh, and sometimes I spell it Piedmont, and sometimes Peidmont, so there you have it.

Piedmont Cottage has 3 bedrooms and three bathrooms with 2 stories and is built on a 40×40 lot. The master suite is downstairs and has a large build in bathroom and a nursery that can be turned into an office, or the walls can easily be removed to make the master bedroom larger. The living room has cathedral ceilings with 2 story windows and graceful columns to add that sophisticated touch. The lower level is a split level, with a raised kitchen and a separate raised dining room. Upstairs you’ll find 2 smaller bedrooms and a bathroom. It would be easy to add more space upstairs if it’s needed later, just remember to remove the roof before expanding. (Then remember to put a roof back on when done lol.)

The lot has zero landscaping to keep move in costs down. There is room outside to add a garden, pool, cemetery, fishing tank or driveway. Not all of those, but some of those. The front and back entry have large covered porches. The kitchen and baths are complete, but the rest of the house is unfurnished. There is one piece of furniture in each room to show what the room is for, but please do as you wish when decorating.

This house has NOT been play tested.

As always, no custom content, no hacks and no sims inside.
UNI, NL, OFB, Pets and Seasons needed. $60,861
peidmont front Piedmont Cottage
^^Front View


10857 Begger’s Blvd

As with my previous houses, you need UNI, NL, and OFB to use this lot. It is built with no hacks and no custom content, no sims living in the house, NOT play tested.

10857 Begger’s Blvd is a small, fully furnished two bedroom 2 bath house built on a 40×50 lot. Perfect for your sim family that has outgrown it’s starter house. The house sleeps 4, has a small kitchen with a dining area to one side, and a small living room. You will find items to build all 7 skills. Outside there is minimal landscaping, and a driveway, but no car. There is plenty of room outside to expand the house, and/or build a pool. This house is a steal of a deal at $61,536. If this is too pricey for your sims, place the house in your neighborhood, then remove some of the decorative items and non-essential furniture to get the price down, before you move your sims in.

beggers front 10857 Beggers Blvd
^^Front of the house. The word “quant” comes to mind…