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01 Melody

My 11 year old daughter requested this house. She picked the floor plan out herself from a book of them I have here, and requested certain alterations. She likes big rooms with lots of space, so of course I fixed her right up. She wants to decorate it with her own custom content, so I left the house mostly unfurnished. Kitchens and baths are complete, and there is a spattering of furniture about to show what the rooms were intended to be. However, feel free to decorate in any way you choose, change the floorplan, add on, what ever tickles your fancy.

01 Melody is a 3 bedroom, 4 bath house with 2 stories. Downstairs is the master suite, nursery, kitchen, dining room, living room and indoor pool. Upstairs there are 2 kids bedrooms, each with it’s own bath, and an area that can be game room, music room skilling room, sitting room, library, OR whatever you want it to be. Minimal landscaping outside so you can do what you wish out there.

As always, no custom content, no hacks and no sims inside.
NO EPs needed to use this house! $82,158
01melody front 01 Melody
^^Front View


4892 Buttonwood

Buttonwood is a modest 3 bedroom 2 bath suburbian house. I features a master suite, 2 smaller bedrooms and a nursery, all in a single story. There is a quaint breakfast nook in the kitchen as well as a separate formal dining room. It has a large living room with a fireplace. The living room opens onto a large back deck. The best feature of the house is the spa! It’s an enclosed sun room with a hot tub and exercise equipment. The property is moderately landscaped with room for your Sims to add their own landscaping features. The kitchen and baths are complete, but the rest of the house is unfurnished. There is a sprinkling of furniture suggestions scattered about, but feel free to use the rooms as you wish, and alter the house in any way your Sims please.

As always, no custom content, no hacks and no sims inside.
NO EPs needed to use this house! That’s right, for the first time here at simcere, you can download and use this house no matter what EPs you have or don’t have! $88,797
buttonwood front 4892 Buttonwood

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