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123 Newel Drive

Are you ready for another house yet? ;)

This is a clone of a house that my favorite sim raised 6 children in. The original house was built in my regular account complete with custom content and hacks. It has had extensive play testing. I stripped out all the CC and the hacks and moved it to my cc and hack free account to re-do it. In the house I played, there was another room upstairs, and a basement. I never liked the basement as it was always hard to see into. I never had to use all the bedrooms, even with 6 kids so I didn’t rebuild the basement. I took out one room upstairs and moved the game room up there. It flows a lot better now.

No custom content, no hacks and no sims. 5 bedrooms, a nursery, 5 bathrooms, fully furnished. Lots of room for a large and growing family. Pool, hot tub, work out equipment and bbq area out back. Everything you need to build all 7 skills. Garage, but no car included. Nice landscaping, bordering on heavy, but not quite. ;) 126,281 simoleons, a steal of a deal! NL, UNI and OFB needed.
I encourage you to redecorate with your own tastes and custom content. Tear down walls, redo, make it yours!

My sims love this house, will yours?

newel front 123 Newel Drive
^The front


02 Starter House, no cc

As discussed some time ago in this thread, I decided to build a starter house for a romance or popularity sim. The goal was to build a furnished starter house for under 20k that would handle a lot of entertaining, and with room to grow. The idea was to make a house that the romance or popularity sim could live in forever, if he or she chooses to stay single.

This house has had maximum play testing. I have NL, UNI and OFB, so you’ll need those for this house to work.


02starter front 02 Starter House, no cc
19,064 Simoleons, furnished. Note there is a driveway, but no car. Your sim will have to earn that!


17604 Lakeside no hacks

Built a house today. No hacks, no custom content. 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, (master bedroom downstairs, 2 bedrooms upstairs), kitchen, great room, a nook off the kitchen with a pool table, items to build all 7 skills, swimming pool outside, driveway, medium lot landscaped with LOTS of flowers, sells for 121,514 simoleons. You need NL, UNI and OFB. This house has been lightly play-tested.


lakeside front 17604 Lakeside no hacks