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Simple Time

Here is the second house in the Anaraste Series. Built on a 3 x 3 lot, this is a nice sized 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house. The living room is big enough to add some hobby and/or pet items. There is already a small garden outside as well as a fishing tank. It has a built in garage with room for storage, and a small bathroom out there to make clean up easy after one has been tinkering.

Simple Time front view

Requires all EPs through Free Time!!
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 3 lot $68,925 moderatly furnished and landscaped
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested!


Urban Legend

This is the first house built for the Anaraste Series. I was aiming for a moderate family home running about 50 to 60k, for the new town Mayor to live in. As far as that goal goes, I failed. Miserably!

First off, it came out way over budget. Way, way. $122,848 and only moderately furnished and landscaped. Oops. Just the empty shell was 50k! I followed a tutorial to learn how to attach the garage to the house. That part went ok, but the roof managed to escape me yet again. I ended up clicking the auto-roof button yet again. I really need to hunt up some roof tutorials. But, not today.

By the time the empty shell was up, and I figured I was over budget, it was very late on a work night, I saved and shut down. I almost bull-dozed the lot, but something wouldn’t let me do that.

The next day at work, the house kept calling me … a siren’s call not to give up on it. Sure, it would be several generations before anyone in my new ‘hood could afford to live in it, but maybe one of your sims could!

I got home, did the Mom and Wife stuff, and built a more suitable house. Still couldn’t let this one go, so I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Sleep is over-rated anyway!

It’s huge folks. The living room is about the size of Delaware, there are 3 big bedrooms, a huge gameroom, a craft room and a “screened in” exercise room. (Not really screened in because there is no custom content.)

It looks like this:

urbanlegend front Urban Legend

Requires all EPs through Free Time!!
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 4 lot $122,848 moderatly furnished
Install with Clean Installer
Not play tested!



After installing FreeTime I began to notice differences in the ways my Sims used their houses. I started up a custom ‘hood … Anaraste … and began it with just a few houses, based very loosely on the Prosperity Challenge. No cheats, started out with only starter houses, one family per house, sometimes a family, sometimes a sim, no married couples.

One difference I noticed was garages. I never really needed them before. My sims just car pooled. But now with hobbies, there were all these old clunkers sitting around. Not in my ‘hood! So, I looked up some tutorials on how to attach a garage to the house, and started building some house specific for this ‘hood. I’d been meaning to learn how to do that anyway.

My sims needed more room for hobbies. They were more social now, they new all their neighbors and spontaneously greeted passersby more often. They needed room in the yard to play catch, grill some fish, and the kids took up lots of space running around acting like children!

So, even though they did add on to their original starter houses, many of them just needed bigger houses as their families grew. So, I started building houses specific to this neighborhood. Think 1950’s middle America, only with WI-fi! Safe streets, families walking about, pets and children visiting the neighbors and playing in the streets, big yards, husbands borrowing each other’s tools, neighbors helping neighbors, a cup of sugar needed is a good reason for a visit and a cup of tea.

There are 5 houses build for this series so far. There will be many more. My sims and I hope you enjoy.

Watch this space. First house (less than successful to my specific goals, as you’ll see) coming tonight.