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Trimfoot Ave.

Avana Trimfoot Ave.


123 Trimfoot Ave was built on a 4×3 lot.  It is part of the Anaraste Series, although it ended up being too big and over budget for my neighborhood right now.   Don’t worry, Anaraste will grow into it!  It sure is pretty and roomy, so I’ll hang on to it until somebody gets rich enough to afford it.

Trimfoot was built with the base game and Nightlife only, but it was built with OFB in mind.  The lower level features a garage and a large, open area where your sims can run a home business.  Not into home businesses?  No worries!  The lower level can work for hobbies or career reward storage.  You can divide it up for more rooms, or you can build an indoor pool.  Your imagination is the only limitation of what to do with that lower level.  It has an entrance, and it has a hallway with a door that leads upstairs to the living area.  You can delete these, or lock these as needed.

There already is an enclosed garage, and there is room on the lot for a garden, pond, or hobby items.  At $101,885, it is definitely a house for your upper-middle class family.

This house was play tested by Avana Montiga, one of  Phoenix’s sims.  You really should go read her Ravensworth Legacy, it’s very entertaining!  Avana found a few things wrong with the house.  For example, it had a diagonal door into the study; for some reason, sims would go through the wall beside the door rather than through the door itself.  I changed the wall so it is no longer diagonal.  There were a few other things that were repaired.  Avana says “The front stairs can be annoying.  Only one person could go up or down them at a time.  The other Sim would wait until the first sim was ALL the way up before they started up.”  I tried to fix this by adding a door on the lower level, but I foresee other problems occuring with that.  One being that your Sim will have to go all the way down there to answer the door.  So, you may wish to explore other options there.  The house was not play tested again after I made these repairs.

Avana also said “Other than those few things I loved the flow of the house.  I did use the bottom area to house all my career rewards. The rooms were spacious and there wasn’t a lot of crowding in certain areas except for the spot I mentioned. I really enjoyed playing in the house! It would be the kind of house that I would want in real life!”  The crowding she mentions is in the kitchen bathroom, seems all the sims want to use THAT one, nevermind that there are 2 others!

So, take a look, see what you think!

Front View

Front View

Requires Night Life only.
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 4 lot $101,885 moderately furnished and landscaped
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested!

Those of you with Eagle eyes can see some of the new and upcoming “Downtown Series” in the background!


Storm Ridge

A new house in the Anaraste series. A three bedroom, 2 bath house built on a 3 x 4 lot. The master suite has a built in bathroom and nursery. There is a bonus room which is currently set up as an office, (Serena play tested this house, and pointed out that I forgot lights in the office. I can’t add a light now because I don’t currently have a machine with base game and NL installed, so please add a light in there!) but please turn it into whatever you need. This house also features a hobby area in the garage. Lots of room for trains, hobby benches, pottery … whatever your sim is into! Or, if you prefer, add a door to the outside, and turn that area into a business, if you have OFB.

There is room in the back yard for a small garden, however, this house is placed back on the lot to allow room in the front for friends and neighbors to gather and gossip, or to toss a ball about.

Requires Night Life only.
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 4 lot $79,095 moderately furnished and landscaped
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested!

stormridge front Storm Ridge


Hawk Hill

This 2 bedroom house sports a master suite with built in bath and nursery, which can later be turned into an office, after all the baby-making is done. Hawk Hill is the third house in the Anaraste Series. It has a kitching/dining room combo, a living room with space to add some hobbies or pets, a bonus room which is currently set up as a skilling room, and an attached garage that has room for storage.

hawkhill front Hawk Hill

Requires Night Life only.
No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
3 x 3 lot $48,798 moderately furnished and landscaped
Install with Clean Installer
Play tested!

756 Eastway

An interesting request came in a few days ago. I love a good request, so there was no resisting! gotaluvsims2 requested a house for her current legacy to move into. Here is what she asked for, all of which she’s getting save for one thing.

  • for a legacy
  • 4 x 4 lot
  • 5 bedrooms
  • bonus room(s)
  • 1-story
  • furnished
  • flat on the ground (I missed this one when I was building, it’s on a foundation, oops)
  • spacious
  • yard space
  • no price limit. ( I love this one, :)

And that pretty much describes the house! Huge house! Big house here folks!

No custom content, no hacks, no sims in it.
All eps thru FT needed!! 4 x 4 lot $113,603 fully furnished
Not Play Tested!

snapshot 00000004 15068f41 756 Eastway
^^Did I mention that it’s BIG??

5 bedrooms – the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and nursery – 4 bathrooms, an office, a game room (both of which can be changed into anything your sims need, of course) large kitchen/DR combo…..


Bachelor Pad

Here we have the perfect garage apartment for your Sims who care more about their car* than their living area. It’s called Bachelor Pad but hey, no reason the car-loving female sims can’t enjoy it just as much!

The lower level is just a garage, but the upper level has all the comforts of home! It is a furnished starter home that comes in under $19,000. It has been play tested for a couple of seasons, and while it doesn’t work well for large parties, smaller get-togethers do quite well. This house does NOT have all 7 skilling items, it’s missing logic and creativity, so get your sim a job quick so s/he can buy those items.

*Car not included.

As always, no custom content, no hacks and no sims inside.
UNI, NL, OFB, Pets and Seasons required. 18,112.00
bachpad front Bachelor Pad
^^Front View


100 Leftover Lane

As with my previous houses, you need UNI, NL, and OFB to use this lot. It is built with no hacks and no custom content, no sims living in the house, this house has been play tested, but only for a few sim days, it has NOT been gardener tested.

I built this to house the surplus offspring from my favorite sim. Her LTW was to marry off 6 kids, which she did. I only planned to actually play 2 of her kids, so that gave me 4 “leftovers: and their spouses. I couldn’t just put them in the sim bin however, because I needed to be able to invite them over, and the other sins in the ‘hood needed to keep their relationship scores up with them.

So, I built a large luxury house for the leftovers to live in, even though they aren’t played. Sure, I could have just stuck ‘em on an empty lot with a phone, but who knows what they get up to when we don’t play them? LOL. I wanted them to be comfortable.

This house features 4 master suites with bathrooms and sitting areas. There is a large kitchen and dining room downstairs as well as a comfortably furnished living room and a work out room. Upstairs is a combo music and game room.

Outside there are large porches, a BBQ area, pool and hot tub, and a garage with a van. Not much room for expansion, but it can be done. It is extensively landscaped. I play tested this game in another account with the “always great gardens” hack, or whatever it’s called, so I do not know if the gardener will get along with the landscaping.

The house is expensive at $243,870 – use motherlode or wait to move your sims into it on the third or fourth generation when they’ve had a chance to build up a solid bank account.

leftover front 100 Leftover Lane
^^House from the front


Curve Hollow

Here is a nice 2 bedroom house for you. It has a game room with hottub in the basement. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining, living room and study on the main floor. It has a good sized entry way with a chess table. Nicely shaped front porch. Pool and bbq area off to the side. There is a garage including a car. It has everything your Sims need to live a comfy life, including some things to build all 7 skills.

Oh, the garage is attached. I used to follow a tutorial about how to do that over at the official sims 2 site, but the tutorial disappeared. I hate it when they do that! So, I did the attached garage by memory, it is less than perfect. Along the back wall of the garage is a ledge that runs the length, I couldn’t get rid of it. So, I use it for storage. Ignore it or dress it up as you wish.

As always here there is no custom content, and no hacks, but you are encouraged to add your own. Change the colors, move things around, change the style, make it yours! I have moved a couple into the house to play test it, I’ve played them through about a week or so with no problems. It seems I made a minor change … added a light somewhere, or turned around something that was backwards or something … but I can’t remember what it was, so it is unchanged in the original. Sorry about that. I need to take better notes!

This house is on a medium lot, and goes for $161,485 fully furnished with room for 4 sims. There are no plants that need attention from the gardener … again, feel free to add your own. You need UNI, NL, and OFB to use this house.

curvehollow front Curve Hollow
^Front view


123 Newel Drive

Are you ready for another house yet? ;)

This is a clone of a house that my favorite sim raised 6 children in. The original house was built in my regular account complete with custom content and hacks. It has had extensive play testing. I stripped out all the CC and the hacks and moved it to my cc and hack free account to re-do it. In the house I played, there was another room upstairs, and a basement. I never liked the basement as it was always hard to see into. I never had to use all the bedrooms, even with 6 kids so I didn’t rebuild the basement. I took out one room upstairs and moved the game room up there. It flows a lot better now.

No custom content, no hacks and no sims. 5 bedrooms, a nursery, 5 bathrooms, fully furnished. Lots of room for a large and growing family. Pool, hot tub, work out equipment and bbq area out back. Everything you need to build all 7 skills. Garage, but no car included. Nice landscaping, bordering on heavy, but not quite. ;) 126,281 simoleons, a steal of a deal! NL, UNI and OFB needed.
I encourage you to redecorate with your own tastes and custom content. Tear down walls, redo, make it yours!

My sims love this house, will yours?

newel front 123 Newel Drive
^The front