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On the “Downtown Series”

When play testing the downtown series, (which was done by 4 people) we had trouble with the Sims preferring to use the back doors over the front doors in some of the houses.  I noticed that I would have trouble with a specific lot, but when somebody else play tested that particular lot, they would not have the same problem.  I do not know what causes this confusion.  There is a theory that the Sims prefer the most expensive door, but that does not explain why one play tester would have the problem, yet the next one would not.

As a test, I moved one of the lots I was having this problem with to another location in my test ‘hood, and the silly Sims then used the front door as normal.  Go figure.  I have no clue what causes this problem.

However, in browsing through the Sims community in LJ, I ran across a possible solution.  If you use hacks, you might want to try Maty’s front door hack.  I have not yet tried it myself, but I do trust Maty’s hacks and will put it in my game soon.  Here is the link, they are in alpha-order so scroll down til you find it:
Front Door Hack.  (This is for the Apartment Life version of the hack.  For other versions, skim through here to find what you need.  Thanks to pne for pointing this out!)

If you don’t trust or use hacks and the sims using the back door is driving you crazy, try moving the lot to a different location in your ‘hood.  Even just a square over might make a difference.

Good luck, and please let me know how it works for you, whichever method you use to fix this annoying problem.

There are several more houses in the downtown series coming soon, so watch this space!

late night again

Well, tonight I’ve stayed up much too late learning how to recolor clothes. Or, at least trying to learn! Did easy stuff first. Made a shirt purple, put a sunflower on a skirt. Then I tried to make a lovely batik outfit. Shirt turned out pretty. Skirt. Well, not so pretty.



This is here mostly so I won’t forget good places I find. However, maybe it can be useful to others as well.