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late night again

Well, tonight I’ve stayed up much too late learning how to recolor clothes. Or, at least trying to learn! Did easy stuff first. Made a shirt purple, put a sunflower on a skirt. Then I tried to make a lovely batik outfit. Shirt turned out pretty. Skirt. Well, not so pretty.


Diagonal Foundation Tutorial

A friend asked me how to make diagonal foundations. This tutorial will hopefully answer that question.

Disclaimer: I’ve only played Sims2 for a few months, never played Sims1 at all. I don’t know much about building, don’t know how to do any fancy stuff. There may be different and even easier ways to do this, but this is the way I know how.

Usually when building, I only have a vague idea of what I’m going to do. Usually I’ve made a drawing with a few basic ideas, and I just go with the flow once I begin. I like to start out with much more foundation than I’ll need. I’m not overly fond of all houses being square or rectangle. Those are good shapes to start with though, then you can shave off unneeded bits of foundation to come up with a house of more interesting shapes.