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Kitchen Wallpapers

It was kindly suggested in my last wallpaper post that I should make some more kitchen wallpapers, as good kitchen walls are hard to find. So, under the cut you will find 6 new kitchen walls. I leave it up to YOU if they are good or not.

As always, all comments and suggestions are welcome, needed, requested.



I stayed up much too late a couple nights ago learning how to make wallpapers. Now I’m sharing them! Under the cut are my first 6 wallpapers with a download link. Please let me know in comments which ones you download. I want to know which ones are most popular. All constructive crits welcome as well, it’ll help me get better.

I have NL, UNI and OFB. I don’t know if you need them for these walls to work. The walls were made in a seperate account with no hacks.